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Internship in College Station! New

Aggieland Carpet One is looking for an intern this summer!  Carpet One designs, markets, sales, and installs all types of flooring, tiles, carpet, rugs and hardwood for residential properties.  The intern will be exposed to multiple aspects of sales and residential and/or commercial installation/construction.   Additionally, the intern will gain experience with how sales partners with purchasing, marketing, and installation departments.  Intern duties will include the following:  1) review and analyze contracts and deadlines on commercial and residential projects.  2) estimate and build bids for flooring materials and installation. This process will entail going over blue prints and also visiting the jobsite when applicable.  3) determine the correct product for each project by interviewing the customer or general contractor.   The internships is best suited for construction science, marketing, purchasing, logistics, supply chain, merchandising, accounting, or business majors.


To apply, please send resume to Col (retired) Kenneth Allison, 
4/23/2014 14:47
Summer Recruiting Company

​Attention: SRC Application 14.docxSRC Application 14.docxThe updated SRC application is attached to this announcement.

The Corps Recruiting Office is now accepting applications for the Summer Recruiting Company.  If you want to participate in any Corps recruiting activities on campus this summer you must be an approved member of the Summer Recruiting Company.  You can live on or off campus.  The location of on campus housing will be the commons.  If you live on campus you must take at least one hour in either session at Texas A&M (or Blinn only if you are a Blinn TEAM).  If you live on campus I can offer you a 25% discount (currently estimated $229.50 for summer I and $235.25 for summer II) on your summer housing credited toward your university account in the fall.  In exchange for this discount you must sign up for and support one of the Corps recruiting events listed on the attached SRC application.  The number of discounts is limited so apply early.  Complete the attached application and turn into Lt Col Matte in the Corps Center and apply for corps summer housing on-line with ResLife.     ​

4/23/2014 11:33
Corps Clerk ApplicationNew

All rising sophomores, attached is an application to be a Corps Clerk. A Corps Clerk is a sophomore that helps Corps Staff and the Corps Operations chain in daily procedures and other organized events. In this position you will work heavily with Corps Operations Officer and Sergeant in helping complete Corps wide events, such as the paintball tournament, O-course challenge and Bloody cross, as well as smaller tasks that are given to you by the Operations Officer and Sergeant. The position usually takes about 1-2 hours per week during the year, if you are interested in the position please fill out the attached application. The completed application and an updated resume are due to Jesse Hughes in Dorm 1 Room 121 NLT 1630 Monday 28 April, any question, comments, or concerns please Contact Jesse Hughes at (972)-922-5150 or by email at

 Corps Clerk Application.docxCorps Clerk Application.docx

4/23/2014 8:20
Alternate Restricted Weekend

If you have a class 2 or a class 3 RW then you may sign up for any of the following RWs.  Please sign up via the link associated with each shift.​

​Thursday morning and afternoon at the grees – 15 personnel Shift 2

Friday morning and afternoon at the green – 20 personnel, 3 flatbed trucks Shift 3

Saturday – 3 personnel, 1 flatbed truck Shift 4

All personnel will meet in the morning at Lounge B 0900.  

Other wise you will have to call LCDR Hassman on his Cell Phone at 832.887.1734 ​

Uniform is Corps C's & T's

4/22/2014 21:39
Restricted WeekendNew

If you have been issued a Restricted Weekend, you can sign up for the RW taking place this weekend, 25 April– 27 April via Google Spreadsheet. Sign up NLT 1800 on Thursday, 24 April. All sign-in times and other information can be found in the attached document. CADETS WITH CLASS 1 RWs MUST SERVE MARCHING TOURS.  If you need to be excused from any sign-ins, please SUBMIT A MILITARY LETTER USING THE PROVIDED TEMPLATE by 1800, 24 April or they will not be given. 

 ​RW CStaff on Duty.docxRW CStaff on Duty.docx

4/22/2014 19:35
2014-2015 GM Team

Attention cadets. Corps Staff is looking for motivated volunteers to serve as GM Inspectors for the 2014-2015 school year. All interested cadets will need to be available for 5 out of the 9 formations/activities a week for the first month and a half of school each semester, as well as 30 minute meetings at the end of the first month and at the end of the second month, and be available for training on the standard, dates to follow. If interested, please follow the link and fill out the google doc.​

4/22/2014 18:58

​Gold hat cords and braids have arrived at the MPW and are ready for pick up​​. Also, seniors are reminded to turn in any boot pants they have that are no longer needed.

4/22/2014 0:05

The German Proficiency Badge is awarded to Cadets who meet the requirements and are recommended for it by the Trigon. The appropriate badge (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) is worn 1/8” above and centered on the right breast pocket of the Bravo, Alpha, or Midnight uniform. If the German Proficiency Badge is worn no other badge will be worn on the right side above the pocket. The Academic Star may be worn with the German Proficiency Badge; the star is to be ½” inch above and centerd on the Badge.

4/21/2014 14:52
Extended Stay In Housing After Finals

If you have applied and been approved for an extended stay you must come by Corps Housing, Lounge A by Wednesday, May 7th to pick up your door card. 

Failure to do so could result in your request being denied.

4/21/2014 13:49
CPRB Application

The CPRB is looking for 5 juniors and 5 seniors.  You must be a motivated cadet that is willing to uphold, maintain, and raise the standards of the Corps.  Applications are due Sunday, 4 May under Chase Hall's door, dorm 6 room 430 NLT 2000.  Any questions can be directed to Cadet Hall (281) 475-0028

4/21/2014 13:05Attachment
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4/21/2014 0:00 Class of '17 Issue 
4/22/2014 0:00 AROTC PFT 
4/23/2014 0:00 Athletics Banquette 
4/25/2014 0:00 Battle of the Flowers 
4/25/2014 0:00 AROTC PFT 
4/26/2014 0:00 38th Annual March to the Brazos 
4/26/2014 0:00 Ring Dance 
4/27/2014 0:00 Cadre Training 
4/27/2014 0:00 Staff Training 
4/27/2014 12:00 Cadre Training (two 2hr sessions) 
(More Events...)

 Training Schedules

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4/28/2014Week of 28 April 
4/21/2014Week of 21 April 
4/14/2014Week of 14 April 
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