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Memos: FOW Review Op Order






All COs and 1SGTs


FOW Review Op Order



       I.            SITUATION:

a.      Enemy Forces: None

b.      Friendly Forces: Fighting Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets

    II.            MISSION:

a.      The Cadet Oath will be administered to the Class of 2013, and the Corps of Cadets will Pass In Review on 28 August 2009 at 1730.

 III.            EXECUTION

Commander’s Intent:

My intent is for the FOW Review to safely display the hard work invested during Freshman Orientation Week and to signify the beginning of the academic year.

a.       Concept of Operation

The Corps will be formed on the Quad NLT 1720 on 28 August 2009, and the Corps Commander, Cadet Col Brent Lanier will administer the Cadet Oath to the Class of 2013.  Once the Cadet Oath has been administered, the Corps of Cadets will Pass In Review.

b.      Tasks to maneuver units

                                i.            Task and purpose

All units will be formed on the Quad NLT 1720 on 28 August 2009 for the FOW Review.

                              ii.            Specific instructions

a.       The Review will begin as the Corps Adjutant, Cadet Lt Col Anthony Luiken, directs the Fighting Texas Aggie Band to “Sound Attention”.

b.      After “Sound Attention”, the Adjutant will direct the band to play “Adjutants Call”, and bring the Corps to “Present Arms”, as well as pass command to the Deputy Corps Commander.

c.       The Fighting Texas Aggie Band will now play the last 32 bars of Stars and Stripes Forever in honor of our Reviewing Officer.

d.      At this time, the Deputy Corps Commander, Cadet Col Morgan Oliver, will present the command to the Reviewing Officer, followed by the “National Anthem”.

e.       The Corps Commander, Cadet Col Brent Lanier, will administer the Cadet Oath to the Class of 2013.

f.       Finally, the Deputy Corps Commander, Cadet Col Morgan Oliver, will command the Corps of Cadets to Pass In Review.

g.   Attached is the Fish Review Diagram.

c.       Coordinating instructions




Preparation for Review



First Call for FOW Review

Individual Units


Corps formed on the Quad

Corps of Cadets

NLT 1720

FOW Review

Corps of Cadets



  IV.            SERVICE SUPPORT

a.      Concept of support

                                                              i.      Location of Assembly area: Quad

b.      Material and Service

                                                              i.      Supply

1.      class II (clothing & equipment)

fish will wear ACU’s

Cadre will be in BDU's with sleeves rolled down.

Cadets with BDU’s have to wear black combat boots

CO's and Staff will wear sabers without sam brown or scabbard

All outfits will take Guidon's

2.      class VIII (medical supply)

EMS Team will be on hand for the Review

All Cadets should hydrate before the Review

c.       Medical evacuation and hospitalization

                                                              i.      Procedures

Notify Corps Staff/CTO should problem/emergency arise


Corps Staff/CTO’s will be on hand should discipline issues arise


            Cadets found arriving inappropriately dressed or prepared, acting unsafe or violating Corps/Major Unit Staff will receive disciplinary action


                                                            ii.      Personnel

Corps fish Class of 2013


Corps/Major Unit Staff


Outfit Cadre




a.      Command

                                                              i.      Location of commanders

Major Unit Commanders will lead their respective Major Units

Outfit Commanders will lead their respective units

b.      Signal

                                                              i.      SOI in effect

The Corps Adjutant will begin by directing the Bugler to play “Atttention”.  After units pass through the Arches, they will be dismissed at the North end of the Quad in the Corps Plaza.

Issuing Authority

Brent Lanier
Cadet Colonel of the Corps
Danny Pliego

Cadet LTC
Corps Operations Officer

Approval Status Approved


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